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What happens in chapter 3 of namesake?

What happens in chapter 3 of namesake?

In Chapter 3 of The Namesake, the Ganguli family moves around a couple of times. They settle in an unnamed college town not far from Cape Cod. Gogol starts school, but he refuses to go by the name Nikhil, which is the name his parents want him to be called outside the home.

What happened in chapter 4 of the namesake?

At his fourteenth birthday party, Gogol meets Moushumi, a Bengali British girl near his own age whose family has just moved to Boston from England. That evening, Ashoke gives Gogol a copy of The Short Stories of Nikolai Gogol.

What happens at Sonia’s rice ceremony?

At her rice ceremony, when she is seven, Sonia eats nothing and misbehaves, causing the Bengalis to recognize that she is “the true American” in the family, more comfortable in the less formal culture of their adopted home.

What does Ashima refuse to hang on the refrigerator?

He does charcoal rubbings of several tombstones for his art class and brings them home to Ashima, but she refuses to hang the rubbings on the kitchen refrigerator with his other artwork.

What is Gogol’s good name?

Of course, so is Gogol. In fact, he seems the most confused out of everyone by his names. The whole Gogol (his pet name) versus Nikhil (his good name) back-and-forth is a source of constant frustration, consternation, and alienation for our protagonist.

Who was Mrs Lapidus?

Mrs. Lapidus is a tall, slender woman with Page 3 short white-blond hair. She wears frosted blue eye shadow and a lemon yellow suit. She shakes Ashoke’s hand and tells him that there are two other Indian children at the school, Jayadev Modi in the third grade and Rekha Saxena in fifth.

What name does Ashoma and Ashima put on baby’s birth certificate?

The second, “good” name is for precisely those documents, and for recognition in the world outside the family. Ashoke’s pet name is Mithu, and Ashima’s is Monu. After several days elapse, and it is time for Ashima to leave the hospital with the baby, Mr.

Who is moushumi?

Gogol’s wife, Moushumi has led a complex life, and the narrator provides a glimpse of her mind through the narration, in Chapter 8, of her failed relationship with Graham, the American banker, in Paris, before Moushumi began her doctoral program at NYU. Moushumi is very intelligent and a hard worker.

Why do Gogol and Maxine break up?

She and Gogol break up after the death of his father, when he is pulled back toward his family and begins to feel that she is an outsider, refusing to allow her to accompany them to India for Ashoke’s funeral.

Why is the principal confused about Gogol’s name?

Answer: Being an American, Mrs Lapidus was confused about why Mr Ganguli was insistent on a different name for Gogol at school. She was unable to understand where the new name would fit in Gogol’s records. She also observed Gogol’s discomfort in using a different name for school alone.

Why Ashima hangs up the phone while the hospital intern is still speaking to her?

The intern explains that Ashoke has died from a heart attack, and Ashima hangs up the phone, shaking violently. She stares at the cards, each with her husband’s name, and then finds her son’s number in the address book—under G for Ganguli and for Gogol.

What does Ashima do after learning of her father’s death?

Although he doesn’t tell Ashima his reason for calling, she later learns from Ashoke that her father has died. Ashima takes all the gifts she bought her father and leaves them on a train intentionally.

Does Gogol marry Maxine?

A few months after Ashoke’s death, Gogol and Maxine break up. A year later, Maxine is engaged to be married. Gogol now visits home regularly; Sonia has moved in to take care of Ashima.

Who did Gogol marry?

After a year of dating, Moushumi and Gogol marry. Their parents plan the ceremony, which takes place in the New Jersey suburbs, close to Moushumi’s family’s new home.

Why did Gogol not respond to Lapidus?

Answer. He is nervous as his father insists on him being called Nikhil. Gogol however wants to be known by the name he is used to. So being nervous around his father Gogol does not responds to Mrs.

How do Gogol’s parents try to convince him?

Answer: Gogol’s parents tell him that having a new name is a part of growing up. They teach him to write his new name so that he gets used to it. They promise him that they will always call him Gogol at home.

How do Ashima’s family keep in touch after the birth of the baby?

How does Ashima’s family keep in touch with her after Gogol’s birth? They write letters, once as many as three a week.

Who does Moushumi cheat on Gogol with?

Dimitri Desjardins
Moushumi then starts to date Gogol, another Bengali. At one point, she had made a pact to never date another Bengali, but she seems to change her mind with Gogol. They later marry, but the marriage ends in tragedy after Gogol finds out that Moushumi has been cheating on him with Dimitri Desjardins.

Why does Mrs Lapidus nod?

The nods means she accepts.

What error pains Ashima almost as much as her last contraction?

Patty smiles, a little too widely, and suddenly Ashima realizes her error, knows she should have said “fingers” and “toes.” This error pains her almost as much as her last contraction.

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