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What is a discography test?

What is a discography test?

A discogram, also called discography, is an imaging test used to evaluate back pain. A discogram might help your doctor determine if a specific abnormal disk in your spine is causing your back pain. Spinal disks are spongelike cushions between the bones (vertebrae) of the spine.

Is a Discogram the same as a myelogram?

Myelograms only give a clear picture of the spinal canal. Discograms, however, enable your doctor to view the disc itself. While viewing an x-ray monitor, called a fluoroscope, the doctor inserts the hollow needle through your skin into the center of the disc space.

Is a Discogram necessary?

A discogram is a diagnostic procedure used to isolate the disc or discs that are causing back pain. A discogram is usually not ordered at an initial evaluation. Rather, it is used after more conservative measures, such as medication and physical therapy, fail to relieve back pain after at least 4 to 6 months.

How painful is a Discogram test?

How Painful Is a Discogram? The needle insertions for IV and local anesthetic may cause a mild stinging pain from the pricking. The discogram is designed to provoke existing pain to find out the source, so certain amount of pain is to be expected.

How is a discography performed?

Discography is a diagnostic procedure in which x-ray dye is injected under gentle pressure into the discs of the spine. Based on the presence or absence of pain during the injection of dye, your doctor may be able to determine if the disc is responsible for your pain symptoms.

What if Discogram is negative?

When discography replicates your symptoms, it is called a positive discogram. If symptoms are not replicated, it is a negative discogram. Discography can be uncomfortable, although symptoms are temporary.

Is a Discogram a surgery?

A discogram is typically performed to help diagnose the cause of back pain and to guide the treatment of abnormal discs. The procedure also may be performed prior to surgery to help identify discs that need to be treated or removed.

How long does it take to recover from Discogram?

The discogram is not a treatment for pain and should not be done unless you are seriously considering surgery or similar treatment(s). Recovery time: Following the procedure you may experience some increased discomfort for about 2-3 days.

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