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What is a Flickr guest pass?

What is a Flickr guest pass?

If you want to share some of your photos without making them publicly available, one option is to create a guest pass, which is a special link that allows recipients to view specific content. Guest pass links do not require the recipient to have a Flickr account, and if you create one, you can revoke it at any time.

Can I have 2 Flickr accounts?

Tony-Henry Bennett: There is nothing wrong with having multiple Flickr accounts. There is no rule against it on the site, and many people manage multiple accounts just fine. You may have a login/email issue, but Flickr can help you clear that up and let you maintain both accounts.

How do I make Flickr private?

Along the top of the ribbon of thumbnails are view options. Click the “more options” link, and then there’s a menu that will let you choose “only public content”. You can then batch edit that content to be private.

How do I share private photos on Flickr?

On Flickr, the ‘share’ icon is a curved arrow, pointing right. If you click that on a photopage, an album home page, or on your photostream page, you will be able to share an individual photo, an album, or your entire account. e) only the public photos and the ‘private-friends’ and ‘private-family’ images.

How do I share Flickr photos with non members?

To share your photos with non-members, you have several options: a. Copy/paste the URL of your photostream/album in your email to others. View and manage all the guest passes you’ve sent out”, then “pending invites”, then “invite people” and follow instructions.

Do you need a Flickr account to view photos?

They don’t necessarily have to have an account. You can share private content (individual photos, albums containing private images) using a guest pass.…

Is Flickr for free?

Flickr has a free plan as well, but it’s limited to 1,000 photos — within certain guidelines: photo files are limited to 200MB and video files to 1GB. For unlimited storage without ads, you pay either $6.99 a month or $59.99 annually (plus tax).

Can you see who viewed your Flickr photos?

Flickr provides no data on who viewed a photo, only data on the referrer page of the viewer.

Can I share a Flickr album with non members?

Assuming that you want to share albums with non-public pictures, you have to create a guest pass. See this help article:…

Can people download Flickr photos?

How can friends download a photo or album? If you want to allow people outside of Flickr (either viewing public photos or private photos via a Guest Pass) you need to set the download setting for anyone (as noted above). There is no download option for entire Albums other than for the account holder.

How much does Flickr cost?

Flickr review: plans and pricing A Flickr Pro subscription unlocks unlimited storage, advanced statistics, and automatic backups. It costs $6.99 per month with monthly billing, $18.99 per three months, or $60 per year with annual billing.

Is Flickr still active?

In 2019, SmugMug started deleting Flickr images of free users, except for the newest 1,000 and Creative Commons images.

What is the point of Flickr?

Flickr is a media platform used for uploading, organizing, and sharing digital media such as photos and videos. Flickr is not just for professionals. Even those who have a casual interest in photography can peruse the digital galleries and discover creative photography.

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