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What is A2 admission assessment?

What is A2 admission assessment?

The HESI A2 test is used for nursing schools to screen applicants for admission into nursing programs. Also known as the Evolve Reach Admission Assessment, the HESI A2 is a multiple-choice test with five scored exam topics and one unscored personality assessment.

What does A2 mean in HESI?

Admission Assessment
HESI A2 FAQ’sHESI stands for Health Education Systems, Inc., and A2 stands for Admission Assessment. The test is also known by a wide variety of other names, such as the Evolve Reach, the Evolve Reach A2, and the Evolve Reach HESI. However, most people just call it the HESI.

What is a good HESI A2 score for nursing?

850 or higher
Most Nursing Schools require students to take and pass the HESI exit exam prior to graduation. The passing score required to graduate varies from program to program, but generally speaking a score of 850 or higher is considered a good score.

How do I pass the HESI A2 exam?

Take some practice quizzes and try to re-create the testing environment as much as possible. For example, take the quizzes using a timer, and use only the materials allowed in the real exams. Use the textbooks above to review concepts that you missed when doing practice questions in the study guide.

What happens if you don’t pass the HESI A2?

What if I don’t pass the HESI (A2) Exam the first time? The HESI A2 is not pass/fail. Applicants have the option to retake the test one time prior to admission committee review.

Is HESI harder than NCLEX?

She took it a second time and passed in 75 questions. I think the NCLEX is harder, the HESI is a bunch of random questions, your NCLEX test questions are selected based on your previous response being correct or incorrect. The girl who didn’t pass her NCLEX the first time thought she didn’t have to study.

Do most people pass the HESI the first time?

I do know that there are a lot that do not pass the first time for many different reasons. However, from my experience it seems to be about 50/50. I know of several people that passed the first time and many that did not.

How many times can I take the HESI A2 exam?

You can take the HESI exam only once every 60 days but no more than 3 times in a 12-month period.

What kind of math is on HESI A2?

The HESI A2 Math section will cover six vital areas including fractions, decimals, ratios, percentages, simple algebra, and conversions. We will go over the top six math tips that are crucial to passing the HESI A2. Knowing how to solve these equations will prepare you to ace the math section of the HESI A2 exam.

How is the HESI A2 scored?

The Health Education Systems, Inc. Admissions Assessment (HESI A2) is scored on a percentage system, where the highest HESI score possible is 100%. Students’ HESI exam results contain a percentage score for each of the subtests taken as well as a cumulative score, which is the average score of all the subtests.

Can you take the HESI exam online?

The remotely proctored exam can be taken at an internet enabled location of your choice. You must provide a computer with a camera, microphone and an internet connection.

What score do you need to pass HESI?

a 75% or
What scores do I have to attain on the HESI A2 Exam? Each section must be passed with a 75% or higher.

How do I prepare for HESI A2 exam?

Below are 5 hacks to help you get the score you want on the HESI A2 entrance exam:

  1. Take a practice test.
  2. Tailor your study plan.
  3. Practice, practice, practice.
  4. Manage your time.
  5. Take a final practice test before the big day.
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