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What is an axle wheel lock caravan?

What is an axle wheel lock caravan?

An axle wheel lock is a security device that attaches to the chassis of the caravan and locks the wheel in place. The device’s lock and receiver are secured together through the aligned wheel using locking bolts that stop the wheel from rotating. The device is then locked in place using an encrypted key.

Do you need a hitch lock and a wheel clamp for caravan?

Often policies will require a minimum of a hitchlock and wheel clamp to be fitted to a caravan for standard cover, but will give discounts if higher grade measures like an approved wheel lock or tracker device is fitted.

Do AL-KO wheel locks fit all caravans?

The AL-KO Secure Wheel lock has proven Available as a standard fitment to many 2006 caravans onwards the AL-KO Secure Wheel Lock has been tested to Diamond standard from SOLD Secure and is the only product on the market with this level of security.

What is the best lock for a caravan?

Coupling locks or tow ball locks are generally the most convenient style of protection. While there are a lot of different trailer locks on the market, the simple principle is the same – to prevent someone else from hooking up and driving away with your caravan.

Are wheel clamps any good?

Wheel clamps are excellent security devices. They are very effective physical immobilisers and are a highly visible deterrent. Many motorhome thieves will simply move on when they see a clamp in place. Wheel clamps provide you with peace of mind at a relatively low cost.

How does an Alko wheel lock work?

The locking plate fits into the receiver from the outside, sitting on the caravan wheel, with the locking bolt going through and into the receiver in the wheel and caravan chassis. The locking bolt is then tightened and finally you insert a barrel locking key into the lock to secure the lock in place.

What is an Alko hitch lock?

The AL-KO Premium Safety Hitch Lock is tested to Sold Secure Gold Standard. Therefore, it provides a solid, reliable deterrent against the theft of both your caravan and the stabiliser. This hitch lock is designed to lock over the caravan’s coupling handle, enabling the stabiliser itself to be lowered.

Are caravan leg locks any good?

Leg Locks are an excellent way to quickly secure your caravan and give maximum security. SAS Leg Locks are ideal for use at the campsite or at the motorway service station when stopping on your travels.

What is an Al-Ko wheel lock?

The AL-KO secure wheel lock is approved to Sold Secure Diamond Standard. Please note: The lock is an alloy axle wheel lock designed to match the wheels of your caravan for maximum protection. * It ensures a close fit between the spokes of the alloy, protecting the wheel nuts and preventing leverage of the lock.

What is a BPW wheel lock?

BPW’s iWD wheel lock can offer that much needed protection. Specifically designed for the UK market, the iWD wheel lock offers increased security for caravans. Through the combination of a mounting welded directly to the axle and a special rim adapter, the wheel is firmly locked against theft.

How can I stop my caravan from being stolen?

Here are our 7 caravan theft prevention tips.

  1. Secure your windows and doors.
  2. Secure your towing hitch.
  3. Secure your wheels.
  4. Get an alarm.
  5. Store your caravan in a secure location.
  6. Discreet property marking.
  7. Invest in a tracking device.
  8. Specialist caravan insurance from Ripe Caravans.

Are wheel clamps effective?

Do wheel clamps stop thieves?

A wheel clamp won’t stop a vehicle from being crane-lifted onto a trailer by more determined (and organised) thieves. It is possible to remove wheel clamps but only with specialist power tools and a lot of noise and time. Security tip: keep your wheel clamp keys separate from your motorhome ignition key.

Are Alko hitch locks any good?

Can you tow with Alko hitch lock on?

Alko hitchlocks do state in the instruction guide that the van can be towed with the lock in place.

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