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What is ISE compliance module?

What is ISE compliance module?

The ISE Compliance module is used by the AnyConnect Client and provides the ability to assess an endpoint’s compliance for Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware, Firewall, Disk Encryption etc software installed on the client’s computer. This information is used by ISE when determining the posture of a computer.

Which function does the Cisco ISE posture agent provide?

ISE allows an administrator to centrally control access policies for wired, wireless, and VPN endpoints in a network.

What is client provisioning Cisco ISE?

After Cisco ISE classifies a client machine, it uses client provisioning resource policies to ensure that the client machine is set up with an appropriate agent version, up-to-date compliance modules for antivirus and antispyware vendor support, and correct agent customization packages and profiles, if necessary.

What is difference between agent and agentless?

What are Difference between agent based monitoring and agentless monitoring? Agent based monitoring required an agent to be installed into the node e.g. server for monitoring whereas agentless doesn’t required any agent to be installed for monitoring.

What are agentless devices?

Agentless technology is the use of a machine’s native, embedded management functionality to retrieve information. Even if a technology is dubbed as agentless, retrieving data from a device requires a process or processes to run, which consumes resources.

What is Cisco HostScan?

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobile client has a feature called, Host Scan, that has the ability to identify the operating system, anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall software installed on the computer its running on.

How does Cisco ISE posture work?

The Cisco AnyConnect ISE Posture agent runs on the endpoint. Upon initial connection the client authenticates to ISE and is matched against a Posture Unknown Authorization Policy, the AnyConnect module connects to ISE and receives the posture requirements.

What is posture and profiling in Ise?

This week, the last post in the Cisco ISE blog post series: Profiling and posture. For both features is the Cisco ISE advanced license required. Profiler is a functionality for discovering, locating and determing the capabilities of the attached endpoints. It will detect the network type and will authorize it.

What is agentless protection?

The Deep Security Virtual Appliance provides protection to virtual machines (VMs) in a VMware vSphere environment without requiring the presence of an in-guest Deep Security Agent. Virtual machines are managed as though they had an Agent installed.

What is the difference between agent & agentless?

What is agentless cybersecurity?

Agentless security, on the other hand, performs many of the same actions, just without the agents. In practice, this means that we can inspect and review security scans and vulnerabilities on a remote machine without having to install an agent on that system.

What is AnyConnect posture module?

Cisco AnyConnect Posture is an optional module that you can install along with AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. This module enables the VPN client to identify the operating system, antivirus, anti-spyware, and firewall software installed on the host.

What is CSD in AnyConnect?

Introduction. This document provides information on the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to the Cisco Secure Desktop (CSD). Cisco Secure Desktop seeks to minimize the risks posed by the use of remote devices in order to establish a Cisco Clientless SSL VPN or AnyConnect Client session.

What is correct standing posture?

When standing, keep these tips in mind: Stand straight and tall with your shoulders back. Keep your head level and in line with your body. Pull in your abdomen.

What is a posture report?

The Monthly Security Posture report provides the current and historic monthly security risk and health posture of your environment, including configuration and security remediations, risk posture overviews, vulnerabilities assessments, and threat analysis.

What is MAB in Cisco ISE?

You can configure the controller to authorize clients based on the client MAC address by using the MAC authentication bypass (MAB) feature.

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