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What is PIR mode Wildgame innovations?

What is PIR mode Wildgame innovations?

Wildgame Innovations LightsOut Overview The passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor has a fast 1-sec trigger speed to make sure shots are not missed.

How do I view pictures on my trail camera?

Check your trail camera while you are in your tree stand or hunting blind! SERIOUS HUNTERS WITH TRAIL CAMERAS AND A CELL PHONE MUST HAVE THIS PRODUCT. Simply insert trail camera card and reader into your phone charging port to view your photos!

What are the best settings for a trail camera?

10 Common Trail Camera Settings

  • Photo Mode. This is the most common and most basic setting that all trail cameras have.
  • Video Mode.
  • Smart IR Video.
  • Timelapse & Timelapse+ Mode.
  • Burst Mode.
  • SD Card Management.
  • Adjustable Trigger Speed.
  • Adjustable Detection Ranges.

What is the difference between PIR mode and flex time?

TRIGGER: PIR MODE: Takes a photo only when the PIR sensor is triggered. FLEXTIME(Time Lapse): Takes time lapse images at set intervals during the key movement pe- riods of the day, depending on your Flextime settings. BOTH: Both PIR and Flextime are active.

What should I set my PIR interval to?

Thus, 5-8s is the triggering interval of the PIR sensor. This interval is to avoid some factors such as waving leaves to cause false alarm and to save the electricity of the camera as much as possible.

What app do I need to download Wildgame innovations?

Wild game Innovations introduces the SD card reader for Android. This durable little reader is extremely easy to setup and use. Once you download the free quick Pic app for Android phones no cell service is required. The ANDVIEW allows you to review still Images and HD video that is stored on your SD card.

What format does Wildgame innovations use?

WGI format
Wildgame Innovations is a hunting accessory company that sells attractants, feeders, and game cameras. The company’s cameras save video files in the WGI format, which is a proprietary format intended to be used only by Wildgame Innovations cameras and software.

Why is my trail cam not working?

Most of the time, if your trail camera is not taking pictures, the problem will fall into one of three categories: an issue with the SD card, an issue with the battery, or an issue with camera placement or settings.

Can I view trail cam on my phone?

HOW IT WORKS for iPhone & Android phones. iPhone users: Visit App Store & download the EASY to use and “i-FlashDevice” app for iPhone OR “QuickPic Gallery” for Android. Insert SD card and the Trail Cam Tracker card reader into your phone to View, Zoom, Save, Share, or Delete Pictures or Videos within the app.

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