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What is the movie Jennifer Eight about?

What is the movie Jennifer Eight about?

After discovering his wife’s adultery, Los Angeles detective John Berlin (Andy Garcia) relocates to recover and work alongside old friend Freddy Ross (Lance Henriksen) in the peaceful small town of Eureka, Calif. When a severed hand is found in a garbage dump, John realizes it belongs to a missing blind woman and connects it to six similar murders. Fearing the next to die will be Helena Robertson (Uma Thurman), the blind roommate of the last victim, John tries to protect her and find the killer.Jennifer 8 / Film synopsis

Who is the killer in the movie Jennifer 8?

John “J.K.” Taylor is the main antagonist of the crime thriller Jennifer 8. He’s a sergeant in the Eureka, CA police department, as well as a serial killer of blind women and girls, with an obsession of targeting Helena Robertson, another blind woman and friend of his last female victim, Sgt.

What year was the movie Jennifer 8 made?

November 6, 1992Jennifer 8 / Initial release

Where does the movie Jennifer 8 take place?

John Berlin, a former Los Angeles homicide detective, investigates a multiple murder case in San Diego. The only witness is a blind girl to whom he is immediately attracted.

Why is it called Jennifer 8?

He becomes convinced that “Jennifer” was the 7th victim and the girl whose hand was found at the dump is “Jennifer 8”, or victim #8. While investigating the links between the dead and missing blind girls, he meets blind music teacher Helena Robertson, determining that her roommate Amber was the eighth victim.

What age is Uma Thurman?

52 years (April 29, 1970)Uma Thurman / Age

What happens at the end of Jennifer 8?

Berlin is arrested for Ross’s murder, but is bailed out by Margie, who does not believe that Berlin is the killer. Upon making bail, Berlin returns to Margie’s house only to learn that Margie has taken Helena back to the institute.

What age is Maya Hawke?

24 years (July 8, 1998)Maya Hawke / Age

What age is Lily James?

33 years (April 5, 1989)Lily James / Age

Who is Jessica Justine married to?

Gian Luca Passi de PreposuloJessica Chastain / Spouse (m. 2017)

Is Corleone a real town?

Corleone (Italian: [korleˈoːne]; Sicilian: Cunigghiuni [kʊnɪɟˈɟuːnɪ] or Curliuni [kʊɾlɪˈuːnɪ]) is an Italian town and comune of roughly 11,158 inhabitants in the Metropolitan City of Palermo, in Sicily.

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