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What times do the Edinburgh Trams run?

What times do the Edinburgh Trams run?

Our service runs every 7 minutes between 7am and 7pm, out with these times trams run from every 10 minutes. During peak hours Monday to Friday we run additional services every 3 minutes.

Are the Edinburgh Trams running today?

Trams are running every 7 minutes.

How long does the tram take from Edinburgh Airport to city Centre?

35 minutes
The journey from Edinburgh Airport to city centre takes less than 35 minutes.

When did the last tram run in Edinburgh?

16 November 1956
The last Edinburgh tram ran on 16 November 1956.

What time is first Edinburgh tram?

The first tram leaves from the airport at 6:15 am and the last one leaves at 10:45 pm. Trams operate every 8 – 10 minutes from Monday to Saturday and every 12 – 15 minutes on Sunday.

Where does the tram start in Edinburgh?

The Edinburgh tram route covers 14km from St Andrew Square in the city centre all the way to Edinburgh Airport.

Are Edinburgh Trams running to St Andrew Square?

Edinburgh Trams will resume the service to St Andrew Square on Monday 28 March after successful testing this week. This will be earlier than planned after the York Place stop was permanently closed in February to allow the connection of existing track to the new Newhaven line.

How much is the tram from Edinburgh Airport to city centre?

Managing Director, Edinburgh Trams

Ticket Type Current Fare Revised Fare
Adult Airport Single (airport & city zone) £6.00 £6.50
Adult Airport Open Return (airport & city zone) £8.50 £9.00
Child Airport Single (airport & city zone) £3.00 £3.30
Child Airport Open Return (airport & city zone) £4.50 £4.80

How much does a taxi cost from Edinburgh Airport to city centre?

The quickest transfer option is to take an Edinburgh airport taxi, which are available 24/7 at Edinburgh airport. The trip takes around 25 minutes in light traffic and costs approximately €26 (£23). The cheapest form of transportation to get to the city centre is to take the Airlink 100 Express Bus.

What went wrong with Edinburgh Trams?

Repairs have had to be made to 133 sections of Edinburgh’s tram line after concrete that should have lasted 50 years has crumbled under the weight of buses. Damage totalling 40m long on Princes Street and other roads is being fixed by contractor Bilfinger, which built the route that opened just seven years ago.

What time do Edinburgh Trams start on a Sunday?

Towards City Centre

Saturday & Sunday
Edinburgh Park Station 05:05 THEN FROM EVERY 7 MINS UNTIL
Murrayfield Stadium 05:12
Haymarket 05:15
Princes Street 05:21

Do Edinburgh Trams go to Leith?

Trams to Newhaven will add 4.69 kilometres / 2.91 miles of track in both directions, connecting Leith and Newhaven to the current end of the Edinburgh tram line at York Place with 8 new stops.

Can I use my Saltire Card on Edinburgh Trams?

If you have a Scottish National Entitlement Card (also known as a Saltire card) issued by the City of Edinburgh Council, you are entitled to free travel on the tram. The same applies to cards from any local authority indicating visual impairment.

Can I use my pensioners bus pass in Edinburgh?

Your National Entitlement Card is your bus pass. It gives you the same rights as a full-fare paying passenger. You can use it to travel in Scotland on almost all local and long-distance bus services.

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