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Where are Timpte trailers manufactured?

Where are Timpte trailers manufactured?

Timpte is a diversified enterprise that operates a state-of-the art manufacturing facility and a research and development center in David City, Nebraska with integrated Factory Direct Sales and Service operations across the midwest.

Who owns Timpte industries?

The Gamel family
The Gamel family has owned Timpte for over 50 years, demonstrating our long-term investment focus.

How long is a Timpte grain trailer?

Tandem Axle Capacities

 Heaped 9″
Length & Height 96″ Wide 102″ Wide
Ag Ag
28′ 6” Length, 66” Height 1037 ft3 1108 ft3
28′ 6” Length, 72” Height 1143 ft3 1221 ft3

How much does a Timpte grain trailer weigh?

A 42’2″ Timpte with 8 aluminum wheels will weigh between 8800 and 9200 pounds depending on the type of subframe, hubs, weight of tarp and tire selection.

How much does a Timpte Super Hopper weigh?

470 lbs. B. (4) Aluminum Wheels / 22.5 Wide Base Tires…….. 633 lbs.

How tall are ag hoppers?

Standard Trailer Model Specs

Trailer Length in Feet Height in Inches
AG 33 Full 20.5′ 20.5′ 68″ 76″
AG 35 Semi 29′ 38′ 38′ 79″ 71″ 77″
AG 35 Full 18′ 18′ 25′ 71″ 77″ 79″
AG 45 Semi 36′ 38′ 40′ 72″ 72″ 72″

Who makes the lightest hopper bottom trailer?

The Cornhusker 800 Ultra-Lite is designed using high test aluminum alloys throughout the construction of the trailer. Using these aluminum alloys and our unique design creates one of the lightest weight hopper trailers in the industry. The Cornhusker 800 Ultra-Lite with full air ride and 8 tires weighs only 8000 lbs.

What is a super hopper?

The Super Hopper is a mainstay in low-density crop transportation, with its approximately 3,200 cubic feet of volume and just over 14,000lb capacity. This trailer set is ideal for transporting your almonds, walnuts, pecans or other nuts out of the orchard and to the huller/dryer.

How much is a hopper trailer?

Timpte Super Hopper trailers sold between $13,000 and $34,000. Wilson Commander trailers sold between $14,600 and $33,000.

How long is a hopper bottom trailer?

Standard Trailer Specifications

Dimensions 40′ Length x 96″ width x 68″ Side Height
Hoppers (2) 14 GA, Hoppers, 24″ Openings
Paint High-Gloss, Reverse-Impact, UV-Protectant, Rust-Inhibiting
Tarp 18 oz. Manual Roll Tarp, Removable Headers and Bows
Landing Gear 2-Speed

What is the lightest semi?

The Cascadia 116-inch BBC Day Cab can now be spec’d with the Cummins X12 engine and the Eaton Cummins Endurant Transmission as part of an Integrated Power package. Freightliner and Cummins officials said it is the lightest engine/transmission package on the market.

What is a hopper trailer used for?

A grain hopper trailer is a trailer pulled by a semi tractor and used to haul bulk commodity products, such as grain. These trailers are used extensively throughout the United States to transport agricultural products as well as any other commodity that can be hauled in bulk and loaded and unloaded through the trailer.

What is a hopper load?

What is a hopper or bulk load? Bulk loads are large freight loads hauled by trucks and trailers designed and built to carry a large amount of liquid or dry freight in bulk. Bulk loads are typically unloaded using a conveyor, walking floors, and walking hopper bottoms.

What can you haul in a hopper bottom trailer?

Hopper Bottom trailers are very universal in what they can haul. Our trailers have the ability to haul grain, seed, meal, guts, coal, powder, etc. We have a fleet of trailers that we run across the country and especially across the Rocky Mountain region hauling all of these products.

What trucks do prime Inc use?

Prime has been operating Peterbilts for more than 10 years. The 900 trucks just purchased will be equipped with Peterbilt’s premium 80-in. sleepers and the PACCAR MX-13 engine.

How heavy is a Daycab?

Scales 30,000 empty with a 30ft dump trailer.

How much does a grain hopper cost?

Budget capital cost of a hopper with live bottom, can vary from $50,000 to over $1,000,000 depending on the size, materials of construction, and complexity of the system as defined in the project scope. Every hopper design is application specific but JMS can offer budgets based on historical experience.

Can you make money hauling grain?

Unlike other types of trucking, dry bulk grain haulers are paid by weight. That means the more you move, the more you make. This can be a very lucrative seasonal job. With a median salary of $54,000 (assuming constant work year round) dry bulk grain hauling is an excellent option to put some money in your pocket.

How much weight can a hopper bottom haul?

Tractor weight limit of 18,500 pounds (Hopper trucks are required to carry minimum loads of 51,000 pounds—for Total Weight maximum of 80,000 pounds).

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