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Which college can I get with 95 percentile in CAT?

Which college can I get with 95 percentile in CAT?

Colleges Accepting CAT 2019 Percentile Between 90-95

  • IRMA.
  • MICA Ahmedabad.
  • FORE School Of Management.
  • SJMSoM, IIT Bombay.
  • XIMB.
  • VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur.
  • IMT Ghaziabad.

Which IIMs can I get with 95 percentile?

IIM Indore. If you have an exceptional academic track record then with a 95+ score in CAT you can hope to get into IIM Indore.

  • IIM Shillong. Same goes for IIM Shillong.
  • SJSOM, IIT Bombay. SJSOM offers a rigorous two year MBA program.
  • MDI Gurgaon.
  • DMS, IIT Delhi.
  • New IIMs.
  • NITIE.
  • Is 95 percentile a good score in CAT?

    Candidates hoping to get into the IIMs, especially the older IIMs, need to get a CAT Percentile over 95%ile overall and require a good profile on top of that. If the profile of the candidate is not that great, the candidate needs to get over a 99%ile to stand a chance.

    Can I get IIM with 95 percentile in CAT?

    There are many IIMs and top MBA colleges where you can take admission by scoring just 90-95 percentile in the CAT 2021 exam.

    Can I get IIM Indore with 95 percentile?

    Information received on an RTI application revealed that no one with less than 95 percentile has got a final admission offer for PGP at IIM Indore for the general category in the last 3 years. Admission criterion is: 90 percentile overall and 85 percentile in both the sections for the general category.

    Can I get IIM Lucknow at 95 percentile?

    To get admitted into any IIMs or any Top MBA colleges in India , the minimum CAT 2022 cutoff is expected to be 90 percentile . Those who secured the 99+ percentile can apply to top IIMs like IIM Bangalore, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Lucknow, IIM Calcutta, and IIM Kozhikode.

    Can I get IIM Bangalore with 95 percentile?

    Answer. As you have an average academic records and no work exeperience then With 95+ percentile you can get calls from ultra new IIMs like IIM sambalpur, IIM Nagpur etc. If you are getting 95+ percentile then you cam also try for various good private colleges like MDI Gurgaon, SP Jain, Shailesh J.

    Can I get into IIM Ahmedabad with 95 percentile?

    What percentile is required for IIM Indore?

    A candidate must have scored minimum overall percentile of 90 in CAT 2021. If the candidate does not score minimum prescribed percentile in CAT 2021, he/she will not be considered for shortlisting for final selection stage. The candidate with excellent academics will be awarded higher points in shortlisting criteria.

    What is the cutoff for MDI Gurgaon?

    Based on past trends, MDI Gurgaon cut off for Admission 2022 is expected to remain between 93-95%ile, which is amongst the highest in non-IIM B-schools.

    Is IIM Indore better than FMS?

    The location of FMS is highly suitable for the students as the institute is situated in the capital state. The campus life and academics are more or less similar in both FMS Delhi and IIM Indore….Comments.

    Criteria FMS Delhi IIM Indore
    Average Salary 23.20-25.6 LPA 22.92-24.10 LPA

    Does FMS Delhi accept CAT score?

    FMS Delhi Cutoff – Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi will soon release the FMS Delhi 2022 cutoff for admissions. The institute has released its MBA admission policy 2022 and admission will be granted on the basis of CAT score. The CAT score required for getting a call from FMS Delhi is mostly 99 percentile.

    Can we convert MDI to 95 percentile?

    At 96 percentile, you stand a very good chance of getting admission to MDI Gurgaon. Generally, one gets a call from MDI at 95 percentile however for the final convert , 96-97 percentile is observed as the score. All the best.

    What percentile is required for IMT Ghaziabad?

    The IMT Ghaziabad accepts – CAT and GMAT scores. The expected cutoff for IMT Ghaziabad 93-96 percentile in CAT exam. If you score in this range there will be obviously higher chances for you to get admission there.

    Can I get FMS with 95 percentile?

    You can get a call from FMS with 95+ percentile but as weightage of CAT percentile is very high I will strongly recommend you to atleast get 97+ percentile. Interviews of FMS is of very short duration.

    What CAT percentile is required for MDI Gurgaon?

    MDI Gurgaon accepts CAT score for its admission process. The expected cutoff for MDI Gurgaon is 94 percentile.

    Does MDI Gurgaon take freshers?

    As it can be seen from the graphic below, MDI Gurgaon has a good mix of fresher candidates and experienced professionals.

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