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Who is signed with UMG?

Who is signed with UMG?

Universal Motown RecordsDef Jam South
Universal Music Group/Record labels founded

Who owns Sony Music Nashville?

Since 2015, Sony Music Nashville has been overseen by CEO Randy Goodman. In January 2011, Sony Music Nashville announced an exclusive worldwide distribution deal with Skyville Records, a new Nashville label headed up by music producer Paul Worley.

How do I contact UMG Nashville?

Please contact us via email at [email protected] and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate contact.

Who is Drake signed to in 2022?

Drake has secured a major bag with his latest record deal. According to Variety, the 6 God inked a fresh contract to re-sign with Universal Music Group that could fetch him around $400 million.

Is Drake under UMG?

On Tuesday (May 3), Variety reported that UMG head Sir Lucian Grainge confirmed Drake has inked a massive “expansive, multi-faceted deal” deal with the label that “encompasses recordings, publishing, merchandise and visual media projects.” According to industry sources, the deal could be worth $400 million or more.

How much did Michael Jackson own of Sony?

Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson in 1983. Jackson’s share of the rights to many Beatles songs has been purchased by Sony. The Sony Corporation has announced it will pay Michael Jackson’s estate $750 million for Jackson’s 50 percent share of the Sony/ATV music publishing company.

How do I send my music to labels?

How to Send a Demo to Record Labels

  1. Demo Submission Preparation. Preparing your demo for submission is an essential first step.
  2. Record Label Research.
  3. Read the Demo Policy.
  4. Send Links Instead of Files.
  5. Use Official Contact Methods.
  6. Personalize your Message.
  7. Build Relationships.
  8. Follow-Up Email.

How much is a publishing deal worth?

A common royalty rate is 10% of the cover price of the book. If your book retails for $25, then you earn $2.50 a book. (There are different rates for different formats and you can negotiate higher royalty rates, to a point.)

Does Lil Durk have a 360 deal?

“My label gave me 40million let’s talk bout it,” he tweeted on Saturday (March 12). The comment prompted a few armchair A&Rs and fans to bring up owning one’s masters, being signed to 360 deals and more.

How much is a record contract worth?

Per IFPI, a record label will typically invest anywhere from $500,000 to $2,000,000 in a newly signed artist. That’s a wide spread to be sure, and a large amount of money from the perspective of most.

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