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What does it mean to quarter saw a log?

What does it mean to quarter saw a log?

Quarter sawn lumber is defined as wood where the annular growth rings intersect the face of the board at a 60 to 90 degree angle. When cutting this lumber at the sawmill, each log is sawed at a radial angle into four quarters, hence the name. Dramatic flecking is also present in red oak and white oak.

What are the disadvantages of quarter sawing?

How To Quarter Saw Lumber

Advantages of Quartersawn Lumber Disadvantages of Quartersawn Lumber
More stable in an environment with varying humidity Shrinks twice as much in thickness vs. flatsawn lumber
Wears more evenly when used as flooring Has spike knots compared to circular knots which reduce strength

Why is quarter sawn better?

Quarter-sawn wood is more stable than plain-sawn. Not only is it less prone to cupping, it also expands and contracts less. Quarter-sawn provides a “quieter” and straighter face grain than plain-sawn.

What is quarter cut wood?

Quartersawn wood is literally cut into quarters before it is run through the mill. The “point” is set at the top of the cut. In this way, the wood is sliced with the grain largely perpendicular to the face. The widest lumber is taken from the center of each of the four quarters.

Is quarter sawn stronger?

Why is quarter sawn more expensive?

Quarter sawn wood is often more expensive than other types of common lumber because it is more labor intensive to produce.

What are the advantages of quarter sawing?

What is the difference between oak and quarter sawn oak?

Due to the angle at which its cut, flat sawn oak will almost certainly begin to warp over time as the growth rings are set at such a low angle to the face of the board. Quarter sawn oak, on the other hand, is much more structurally sound and resists cupping, twisting, warping, moisture penetration, and raised grain.

What is the advantage of quarter sawing a log?

The Benefits of Quartersawn Lumber In a word (or two), the benefits of quarter sawn lumber are looks and stability. Because the grain is so consistent on quartersawn lumber, the end product is more stable. The end grain of the wood ends up largely perpendicular to the board’s face.

What is quarter sawn wood used for?

Quarter sawn wood has an amazing straight grain pattern that lends itself to design. Often used for cabinetry, flooring, high-end custom crafts and furniture, it is the traditional wood used in making mission style furniture. Dramatic flecking is also present in red oak and white oak.

What is the main advantage of quarter sawn timber?

What is an advantage of quarter sawn lumber?

What is the strongest cut of wood?

RIFT SAWN ADVANTAGES Produces the strongest possible boards with the most consistent visual look of long and straight grain patterns. Generally the choice of cut for fine furniture makers looking for consistent patterns throughout their design.

Is quarter sawn wood stronger?

Why is quarter sawn expensive?

Quarter sawn is a more time-consuming and waste producing – and therefore costly – process of cutting the lumber. The piece of lumber is rotated after each cut to ensure that the growth rings intersect the face of the board at or near a 90 degree angle.

Why is quarter sawn wood better?

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