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Is the Razer Kraken 7.1 v2 discontinued?

Is the Razer Kraken 7.1 v2 discontinued?

The Pro v2 and Kraken 7.1 appear to have been discontinued. And unless you really want to have Chroma lighting on your head, getting a current model is always the way to go, especially since you’ll still be paying pretty much the same.

Does Razer Kraken have 7.1 surround sound?

Equipped with 7.1 surround sound software so you can experience accurate positional audio when gaming—you’ll be able to pick up the direction of where the action is coming from so you’re ready to pounce into a gunfight. *Only available on Windows 10 64-bit.

Does the Razer Kraken break easily?

Kraken USB . Pulled it from my ears just a tad bit and broke again. Even slow and easy, it still broke. It’s very then at those notches on the headset.

Is Razer Kraken loud?

Razer Kraken Pro: the volume is to damn loud! well the tittle explains it already for it self but it is just really loud in my ears.

How good are Razer Kraken headsets?

The Kraken X is hardly perfect, due to its unimpressive music performance and unremovable mic. But for $50, it’s an extremely solid headset, providing good in-game sound and a comfortable fit for hours on end. Its design is attractive and much more restrained than some of Razer’s other audio peripherals.

Does THX work on ps4?

The THX spatial audio is amazing, the headset is absurdly comfortable, and it’s perfectly capable of working with your PlayStation 4 and other consoles as well. Just note that you won’t be getting all the features if you switch from PC.

Is the Razer Kraken good for PC?

The Razer Kraken Ultimate is a comfortable, sturdy, and full featured PC gaming headset. Unfortunately, so is the Razer Kraken, which offers basically all the same features for $50 less. As time goes on, you’ll see these prices fluctuate, and this may end up being a decent buy in the future.

Are Razer Krakens good?

What is THX spatial audio?


How do you activate THX on Kraken ultimate?

The THX button on the back of the left earcup can be used to toggle THX Spatial Audio on or off. The white LED indicator lights up when THX Spatial Audio is enabled.

Is Razer Kraken comfortable?

We found the Razer Kraken headset to be extremely comfortable. The headband is covered in mesh fabric and has a decent amount of padding. We like that it feels light on the head and it has more than enough for just about anyone’s ears in its larger ear cups.

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