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Do consultants use PowerPoint?

Do consultants use PowerPoint?

Presentations are also called “deliverables” because they are the products that we deliver to clients. It is a core part of the job, but commonly misunderstood. Reality is that consultants use PowerPoints.

What font does McKinsey use?

We evolved the famous McKinsey logo to give it a more modern character. With typographer Radim Pesko, we created an authoritative new typeface, Bower, named after the pioneering McKinsey partner Marvin Bower.

What is a ghost deck Mckinsey?

Ghost Deck is the skeleton of the whole deck, consists of titles and headlines only. Most ghost decks are blank, however, some include rough sketches of exhibits (tables, graphs, etc.).

How do you end a consulting presentation?

6 Ways to Close Your Presentation With Style (& Tools to Use)

  1. Include a strong call-to-action (CTA)
  2. Don’t end with a question and answer slide.
  3. Conclude with a memorable quote.
  4. Say thank you to the audience.
  5. … and more!

Do consultants use PowerPoint or Google slides?

But most often, the best slides tend to come from consultants. This makes sense if you think about it… a consulting firm’s main deliverable is most often a PowerPoint deck, so it’s in their best interest to make these decks as high quality as possible.

What should be last slide of PPT?

6 Good Closing Slides

  • 1) A powerful image. Use an image that relates to your talk and that captures the feeling or message that you are trying to convey.
  • 2) A summary of your key points.
  • 3) A call to action.
  • 4) A quote.
  • 5) Your contact details.
  • 6) A black slide.

What is MECE McKinsey?

“MECE,” pronounced “me see,” an acronym for “mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive,” is a popular mantra at McKinsey. If you manage to get a position at McKinsey, or at any other MBB for that matter, you are likely to have to handle huge amounts of data.

How do I think like a McKinsey consultant?

Here are six steps that will help you solve problems like a McKinsey Consultant:

  1. Step #1: School is over, stop worrying about “what” to make and worry about the process, or the “how”
  2. Step #2: Thinking like a consultant requires a mindset shift.
  3. Step #3: Define the problem and make sure you are not solving a symptom.

Can you fail McKinsey digital assessment?

McKinsey will only tell you if you pass or fail The resulting email you receive from McKinsey, within 2-14 days after the test, will only inform you if you pass or fail. McKinsey will not include the final score, component score, or any feedback on your performance afterward.

Does everyone get the McKinsey test?

Finally, the problem solving test is also interesting for McKinsey because it’s an OBJECTIVE measure of your abilities. EVERYONE gets the same test. It therefore really enables the firm to compare candidates apples to apples. This contrasts with case interviews where interviewer ratings are by nature more SUBJECTIVE.

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