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Is the PSB test hard?

Is the PSB test hard?

The five part test is multiple choice, and covers academic aptitude, natural sciences, reading comprehension, spelling, and vocational aptitude. While the test is very challenging, the good news is that proper preparation can give you a strong advantage.

What is a good PSB test score?

To determine if the candidate has scored better than 75%, a percentile score of 75 is required. However, 25% is a better score. The results might be included in the training and will prove how every candidate learns and digests information best.

How do you pass a PSB test?

Avoid common mistakes on a test. Answer multiple choice questions strategically. Increase your vocabulary fast with powerful learning strategies. Make a PSB study plan and study schedule.

What does the PSB test consist of?

The PSB HOAE Test is a 2-hour and 15-minute test with 305 questions. It comprises five parts—academic aptitude, spelling, reading comprehension, information in the natural sciences, and vocational adjustment index (psychological assessment). The fee may be different depending on the program. The range is around $25-60.

Can you use scratch paper on PSB exam?

Tips for Exam Day Candidates will be required to provide a digital signature and have their photo taken as part of the admission process. No personal belongings are permitted within the exam room, but you may want to bring a writing utensil and scratch paper in case your test location does not provide those.

Can you use a calculator on the PSB test?

No, there are no types of calculators that are permitted for use on the PSB Aptitude for Practical Nursing exam.

Is there a calculator on the PSB?

Is the PSB test timed?

There are a total of 320 questions on the exam and only a little over two hours to answer all of them. Each section of the test is strictly timed.

How is PSB score calculated?

Test scores are calculated in two ways — a raw score and percentile rank. The raw score is the number of correctly answered questions in each part of the test. For example, answering 80 of the 90 questions in the Information and National Sciences section equals a raw score of 80.

How many math questions are on the PSB?

Academic aptitude: 40 minutes for 75 questions, three sub-sections: Verbal (25) Arithmetic (25)

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