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What is the best hide for moccasins?

What is the best hide for moccasins?

When wet, chrome tanned leathers don’t discolor or lose their shape as severely as vegetable tanned leathers, and they don’t get hard and brittle when they dry out. From these traits, it’s fairly easy to guess that we always use chrome-tanned leather for moccasins.

How thick should moccasin leather be?

Medium thickness leather (3-4 oz. weight) is recommended for most soft-soled moccasins. Patterns should be laid out on the hide so the pieces go with the grain of the leather, so the moccasins will be uniform.

How are moccasin patterns measured?

Measure from your instep to your mid-line, going around the heel. Add one inch to this measurement. Next, measure from your heel mark to the height you desire your heel piece to be. Write these measurements down.

Is mink oil good for moccasins?

Your moccasins should be treated as soon as possible and definitely before wearing them in any inclement weather. We recommend Bic 4®, Neatsfoot Oil and mink oil for treating your moccasins.

Why do moccasins have fringe?

Some moccasins of the plains and prairie had fringe hanging at the heel seam or added onto the instep; as fringe trailed behind the walker, it may have helped to obliterate footprints.

What is moccasin leather called?

A moccasin is a shoe, made of deerskin or other soft leather, consisting of a sole (made with leather that has not been “worked”) and sides made of one piece of leather, stitched together at the top, and sometimes with a vamp (additional panel of leather).

Can you wash moccasins with fur?

Fur Trim: The fur around your moccasin or mukluk can become dirty. The best way to clean the fur trim is to prepare a spray bottle of cold water and proceed to spray the fur lightly but be careful not to soak completely.

How long do leather moccasins last?

Superb Quality. The fact that our moccasins can last someone up to 20 years, shows the quality level of our products. When a product is hand-cut and sewn there is great attention to detail. It is more of an art that has the utmost respect for traditional crafting techniques rather than a mindless task done by a machine …

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