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Who is Trav signed to?

Who is Trav signed to?

EMPIRETrav / Record labelEMPIRE Distribution, Records and Publishing Inc. is an American distribution company and record label founded in 2010 by Ghazi Shami with offices in New York City, London, Nashville, and Atlanta. It has released albums in various genres but it is predominantly focused on hip hop music. Wikipedia

Who did 50 Cent push on stage with Meek Mill?

50 called Meek to the stage…and that’s when things got interesting. As Meek was walking on stage, he had an old associate of 50’s, Trav, who is now with Maybach Music. 50 said “not you,” and pushed Trav. (In the video, it’s the guy to the left of Meek Mill, in a white shirt that says “Sky’s Not the Limit.”)

Who did 50 push on stage?

According to Trav, the incident involving 50 Cent, which reportedly consisted of 50 shoving the rapper after noticing him on stage, could have been worse.

What is Trav real name?

Travis Daniel LashleyTrav / Full name

How old is Travmbb?

34 years (August 13, 1987)Trav / Age

Who is Trav 50cent?

Trav (musician)

Birth name Travis Daniel Lashley
Born August 13, 1987 Jamaica, Queens, New York, United States
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper songwriter Record label owner businessman

Is Corey Talbott related to Jake Paul?

Contrary to rumors, six-year-old Tydus Talbott, also known as ‘Mini Jake Paul’ isn’t related to his famous YouTuber namesake. His father and mother’s names are Travis Talbott and Corey Talbott.

What does Trav and Cor do for a living?

Travis Talbott (born: May 23, 1982 (1982-05-23) [age 40]), and Corey Talbott (born: January 17, 1985 (1985-01-17) [age 37]), better known online as Trav and Cor, are an American YouTube channel from Monterey, California who occasionally upload videos of their children and daily lives.

How old is Trav unit?

The album was released on August 13, 2020, Trav’s 30th birthday.

How did tydus get famous?

Tydus Talbott is a 4-year-old YouTube and Instagram celebrity who makes videos with his family. He went viral after making a video where he was “Mini Jake Paul,” a version of one of YouTube’s biggest celebrities. Once they achieved viral fame, the Talbott family teamed up with 21-year-old Paul.

How is Corey Talbott related to Jake Paul?

What did Trav and Cor name their baby?

Guys new vlog is up with the kids meeting her for the first time. It’s maybe the cutest thing on the Internet.…”

How old is Travis and Corey?

Why is Tydus Talbott famous?

Tydus Talbott is a young Californian YouTuber who became famous first by appearing in his parents’ channel Trav and Cor and then gaining the fame as Mini Jake Paul. He was born in 2014 in Santa Cruz and is growing up in a wonderful family, alongside his parents and younger sister.

Is Jake Paul and Corey Talbott related?

Is tydus and Jake Paul related?

The reality is that Tydus Talbott is not Jake Paul’s son, nor is he related to the 3-0 boxer. He is the son of YouTuber couple Travis and Corey, who run their YouTube channel called ‘Trav and Cor’ and document their children’s lives.

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